Swimming, Cycling, Running & Yoga (mostly)

I first created this blog to motivate myself and in turn hope to motivate others. The first time I really competed in a sport properly bar the odd 5km was the London Triathlon in 2011. I think I literally woke up one day and decide “yeah I’ll take up 3 sports in one go” and I haven’t stopped since. I think in general you take up hobbies for different reasons during certain periods of your life. My journey started a year after I finished university and like most people after leaving university you’re thinking what the hell do I want to do with my life? I realised I didn’t have any hobbies and I wanted some purpose, something that I could put my all into, something that I could stand up there and say “I did that, I put all that effort in”. Not to say that there weren’t other people supporting me along the way.

When I first started running whilst I was at university I would always run in the dark because I go this wonderful shade of beetroot and I was utterly embarrassed. Now I embrace how red I go, that I’m literally sweating from the eyelids as soon as I’m working out which can be a problem as I like to read a book whilst on the turbo trainer (it gets me through the pain). I haven’t come from a big sporting background myself but was dragged to a lot of cycling events as a child and I am complete water baby at heart. On nights out I literally think I might be Beyoncé and get slightly carried away with myself so I love to dance, I really do not do enough of it. What matters to me is just giving it a go and seeing what happens.

Everyone starts a journey at the beginning and those “unrealistic” goals can be broken down. That very first walk turns into a slight jog, hitting your first 5km run and actually improving on those personal bests. Who knows that distance that seemed like pure fantasy like a half marathon or marathon can be possible. That first dip in a freezing pool and forgetting every time how quickly you warm up once you get started. Taking part in your first wetsuit openwater swim and hoping you won’t drown. Getting your first road bike and being amazed at how light it was and thinking surely a strong wind is going to blow me over? This is exactly where I began and therefore in my eyes if I can try any one can – JUST TRI.

A newer journey for me is becoming a qualified yoga teacher. I love the movements in yoga the playfulness, the time that you get for yourself and the way it compliments endurance sport. Yoga isn’t a sport it is most certainly a life choice. Personally I think you should do what makes you happy regardless of the sport or hobby. The possibilities are endless.

Peace & Love preparedtotri x

Cornish Trail  Run

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