Training Motivation Tips

Here are some tips on how to stay motivated for training, whether you have an event that you’re unsure if it will go ahead or no events at all. I am currently training for Ironman Barcelona with no idea whether the event will happen but I am trying out different things to keep myself motivated.

  1. Focus on a different goal whilst training. For the ironman we are training in heart rate zones and time rather than pace. This is different from how I have trained before but it puts a totally different perspective on training.
  2. Try out different routes, hit the trails or run your usual routes backwards. If you’re cycling, try heading to a place you’ve never been before even if it means getting the train back (don’t forget your mask).
  3. Remember that the training plan is the main event, you can not run a marathon without putting in all the hours beforehand, to me that’s as good as doing the actual thing! Try and stick to it if you can if not adapt it so it works for you.
  4. Although races generally don’t seem to be happening any time soon there are plenty of virtual races you can join or Strava challenges.
  5. Add those strength and mobility sessions into your training plan, I always find that it’s more motivating when you can see a change. Youtube is your friend for this one.
  6. Set your kit out ready for the morning so it’s one less thing to think about and more likely you’ll head or the door.

Good luck with whatever goals you are chasing after and keep me updated! x

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