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Part two of our event series for 2020, running. If you missed the swim events post you can take a look here.

These blog posts are to encourage new runners to get their trainers on or experienced runners to take their running to the next level. Wherever you are starting from or whatever your goal, there are communities and events that you can join!

Couch to 5km  

This nine-week programme from the NHS takes you from the sofa (couch sounds very American) to 5km and can be downloaded as an app from iTunes or Google Play. There are 3 sessions a week and they alternate between walking and jogging/running with the duration going up each week. However you can repeat weeks as per the website until you feel like you can move onto the following week, this means that you can cater the programme to your own needs. I know lots of people who have used this app and have found it really successful. I always find that having a goal to aim towards really helpful when I am trying something out for the first time so you could co-inside the last week with joining a Park Run for the first time.


Parkrun is a free weekly timed 5km at your local park. Parkrun pride themselves on creating a safe environment for all levels. All you need to do is register for the first time. There are loads of events and they’re not limited to the UK, so if you fancy doing a bit of running tourism then a Parkrun is a great idea. There are 163,833 events and 705 locations so hopefully you will find one that suits you here.


There are many events that offer a 10km series. Runthrough have a list of 10km runs in London and then all events in and outside of London, here. Many of the events also have other distances if 10km is too far at this stage or maybe not enough! The prices seem to average around £26 depending on the event for a 10km race.

Half Marathon

21km or 13miles however you want to slice it is a fantastic step up from the 10km distance. There are loads to choose from so rather than list them out, here’s a great website “Half Marathon List“. This website lists all the half marathons by area in the UK and has a list of the next few races that are up and coming in case you wanted to sign up to something fast!


The London Marathon in April with its winter training not to mention how difficult it is to get a place in the ballot, that perhaps it’s time to look for other marathons to take part in. The 42km or 26.2 miles is definitely a bucket list distance. Marathon Runners Diary is a fantastic website to find Marathon races both in the UK and the rest of the world. So whether you’re already training, thinking about one soon or need some more time to think and build up those miles there are tonnes of races to choose from, good luck!


An ultra is any run post the standard marathon distance. The most popular distances are 50km, 100km, 50miles or 100miles. I think I will stick to 50km or 50miles (80km) 🙂 Run Ultra has events from all around the world and has around 500 events in the UK and Ireland. I would be very tempted after my Ironman to sign up for one of these as my next challenge!

Let me know if you sign up to any races, perhaps I will join you! x

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