Enter a Swim Event in 2020

This post is one of a three-part series of posts on events for 2020.

Below is a list of open water swim events that you could take part in, with a mix of distances depending on how far you want to go.

Great Swim

The Great Swim is a series of events sponsored by John West who pride themselves on being a challenging and safe series of events whatever your age or ability and have been running for over 10 years. I took part in one of the events in 2012 and it was fantastic. At present only the entries for the Great North and Great East swims are open but more locations will come.

The prices start from £16 for a 250m swim or you could go for the Olympic Open Water Distance and do a 10K at £66. There are also 1/2mile, 1mile, 2miles, and 5km swims to choose from.

The site also has an area for advice and event day tips which are really useful and help ease the mind.

Henley Series

The Henley Swim is another series of events based in as the name suggests Henley. I took part in the Henley swim festival last year and have entered the Thames Marathon in August!

Sunday 28th June – Henley Classic a 2.1km upstream swim for £55.

Sunday 12th July – Henley Swim Festival with a 1/2 mile, 1mile swim and the 4x1mile challenge you can also enter for multiple 1mile starts if 4 seems too much but 1 isn’t enough! There are events for over 8-year-olds too so a day for the family, prices start from £26.

Sunday 16th August – Henley Thames Marathon a 14km endurance swim which is split into 4 sections. Swimmers will be required to exit the water at the 3 locks. The event costs £120 and tow floats are mandatory.

Epic Events

I have recently come across this website and it has loads of great events. They have an Epic Lakes swim series all in the Lake District in various lakes.

The distances are 500m, 1mile, 3.8km and 5km for Lake Windermere and range between £20-£32.

  • 14th June – Swim Ullswater
  • 5th July – Swim Derwent Water
  • 16th August – Swim Coniston
  • 19th September – Swim Windermere.

If you are looking for tips for open water swimming please get in touch or head to my post here.

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