Fin Del Mundo – the end of the world. Ushuaia is towards the end of Argentina hence why it is known as the end of the world. It is famous for various things such as the Beagle Channel named after the ship the Beagle where Captain FitzRoy brought a young Charles Darwin onboard. It is also known as the gateway to Antarctica. Ushuaia is located in the Tierra Del Fuego provience. The Tierra del Fuego National Park meaning land of fire covers 240 sq miles with lakes, glaciers, sea and forests.

There are lots of activities:

Beagle Channel  – The are boats rides where you can see sea lions, the lighthouse at the end of the world, islands where the Yaghan Indigenuous people of Ushuaia used to live. If you are there at the right time of year you can also spot penguins and go whale watching. There are lots of kayaking opportunities whether on the Beagle Channel or within the National Park.

Tierra del Fuego – There are different activities within the national park, we chose a day of walking through the fauna and forna and kayaking along the lake. As we where in Ushuaia in October they were just coming out of their winter season and therefore a lot of the walking trials were closed. There are facilities to camp and plenty of trials to do.

Yoga – There are a few places to practice yoga in Ushuaia. We went to a class in a residential area which did take us about 45mins to walk to from town and personally I wouldn’t want to do it in the dark on my own as a woman. Centro de Yoga Tradicional is the place that we went to a small but beautifully laid out studio.

Shops & Restuarants – Avenue San Martin is the main strip that has all the tourists shops for souvernirs and lost of restaurants. There are more restuarants on Avenue Maipu too. Personally we didn’t have the best food in Ushuaia perhaps we picked the wrong places but we were not blown away. However the scallops in parmesan at Volver were pretty good!

Museums – There are plenty of museums, the prison is definitely worth visiting to understand Ushuaia’s history as a town. There’s also the naval museum

We stayed in a hostel called Yakush on the corner of San Martin so it as very central. It had good facilities and we had a large private room and ensuite. We flew in to Ushuaia from El Calafate and out of Ushuaia to Puntas Arenas.

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