Beautiful Recycling

So you may have seen my post a couple of weeks ago about my plastic obsession that started whilst in Bali after seeing loads of plastic in the ocean. Since then I have been trying to reduce my plastic. Around 80 million tonnes of plastic ends up in our oceans every year. My last post on the plastic series was about easy ways you could reduce the plastic you use. I know that going plastic free may seem like a daunting prospect but this post is not about going completely plastic free but ensuring that the beauty products you buy are from responsible brands that will recycle your finished goods. Taking this one step at a time to ensure that going plastic free is sustainable, easy and part of your every day life.

LUSH – Although the smell of Lush does make me feel a little queasy I cannot fault the fact that they use minimal packaging and like they say they would love to sell everything naked (the products not the sales people). However for the products that do need containing Lush use little black pots. Their recycling scheme is all about these black pots. Any product you buy in this packaging will be taken back once finished and then they will recycle them to make new ones. They will also make lipstick tubes, bottle tops and powder make-up containers with the same recycled materials. Lush will even reward you with a little face mask mask for helping them to help the environment.
MAC – Although MAC sit under the Estée Lauder Group who apparently do not take back your purchases for recycling, MAC on the other hand do. If you bring back 6 packages they will reward you with a free lipstick or eyeshadow. However the down side to MAC is that they are not a cruelty free brand so although you are supporting one cause you may not with the other.
Terracycle – Although this is not a beauty brand this company are renowned for recycling consumer waste, often those that are seen as non-recyclable. Terracycle work in collaboration with brands like Garnier and Kiehls to help you recycle your products. In order to do this the steps are simple. All you need to do is sign up to Terracycle for free and then they will send you a free postage label for your items, pop them in the post and voila those naughty plastics have been recycled. According to their website everything they receive gets recycled.
Origins – Origins will not only take back their own products but will also take other branded products back too. In general most of Origins products are made from post consumer recycled materials. So next time you’ve got a finished product that isn’t accepted buy your local council then how about popping it to Origins?
There are lots of other brands that are doing the same thing, if you want to shout out about any just let me know! The next in the series is all about the replacement of plastic, think glass that’s infinity recyclable. Let’s start a movement right now. Peace & Love x

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