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Last week I went to an event with Speedo UK for their H2O Active range at Dolphin Square. Although Speedo may immediately make you think of swimming the kit is actually for “the pool and beyond”. So we gave it a go by taking part in a yoga class and then a HIIT workout on the water.
The yoga class was taken by Kat from YogiBare with a beautiful flowing theme to represent the fluidity of water. Kat has a lovely playful nature when teaching and managed to add a quote from the Notebook so I was sold. The mats were also from YogiBare, which have super grip so if you’re like me and your hands slip a lot on the mat then I can definitely recommend this mat. The H2O pieces I wore were shorts, sports bra and long sleeved rash top on (listed at the end). Now I did get a bit hot in the rash top but then I don’t usually wear a long sleeved top in yoga so there was no surprise there. The shorts fitted well but did roll up at the bottom every now and then but again I often find this with yoga and normally I wear leggings. Now I completely forgot that I wasn’t wearing any knickers underneath as I took them off as we would be getting straight into the pool afterwards. Now if that doesn’t show the comfort of the shorts then I do not know what will.
Speedo H20 active event - HR-13
Next we moved to the water with AquaPhysical a fitness group who use floats on the water to do workouts. It’s a very similar feeling to a stand up paddle board if you’ve tried one of that, so balance is key. It’s amazing how poses you’re used to doing completely change when you’re on the water. My face was likely screwed in concentration trying to balance for sure. It really works out the core and there are simple things like widening the positioning of your hands or feet to help you stay balanced and out of the water. However some of us did fall in but that’s part of the fun right? We did a HIIT workout that including lots of squats, lunges and ab work. The best thing about the workout is even if you’re someone that takes things seriously or is nervous about getting wet, you quickly forget about that and just enjoy yourself as it is really fun.
Speedo H20 active event - HR-47
The outfits were great and performed well in the water, just as you’d expect from the standard of Speedo. The patterns are fun and vibrant and the best thing about the range is that it is made with recycled materials for an environmentally friendly workout. There are plenty of different styles, crop tops, longer crop tops, rash tops, short, pants, swimsuits and capri leggings. Within the range you will also find a great backpack and a wet bag which is so useful when you’re going for a swim to ensure the rest of your things don’t get soaked! We finished off with a yummy shake from VegaUK a plant based protein powder and it was delicious.
Speedo H20 active event - HR-64
So if you’re thinking about a new swimsuit or swimsuits aren’t for you and you’d rather wear shorts in the pool then this range is great. If you want to work out in the gym and then get straight in the pool rather than the faff of getting changed in between then this range is perfect and really convenient.
Thanks preparedtotri xx
What I wore:speedo.png
H2O Active Ultra Fizz Zip Rash Top – £50
H2O Active Ultra Fizz Sport Short – £32
H2O Active Ultra Fizz Top – £30

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