Bali Adventure

I recently spent two weeks in Bali. We decided to move around as much as we could to get a feel of the place as you never know when you’ll be back. We had booked Seminyak, Ubud and Gili Air but had a gap where Amed was due the potential eruption of Mt Agung. We decided to go mid October as by that point Bali had come out of its high season as it was moving from dry to wet and therefore it wasn’t as busy as July. The wet season starts in November and apart from being a bit overcast in Seminyak the rest of the days were around 30 degrees with sunshine, yay!
Seminyak was the most touristy of all the places we chose however if you are into surfing the south west is the place to do it. Uluwatu has some major surf and is seen as one of the best places to surf in the world. We stuck to Seminyak to be on the safe side as we’re both novice surfers. There are tonnes of surf places along the beach both local and corporate so plenty to choose from. The theme of our holiday like most holidays was food and activities! We went to some great places for breakfast like Shelter Cafe which in corporates the famous Nalu Bowls Cafe and Cafe Organic for breakfast. For dinner my favourites were Sea Circus for the cool vibe and Bo and Bun for the pan asian mix. In terms of transport we rented a scooter which at first was quite daunting but for £4 a day it was the cheapest and easiest way to get around.
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After Seminyak we decided to go to Sanur to base ourselves for scuba diving. It’s super easy to get from place to place and Bali even has Uber. We went and booked our Advanced Padi as we did our Open Water about 4 years ago. We both hadn’t dived in two years and me unlike Luke gets rather anxious about things like this. When it comes down to it I am a big scaredy cat. I thought we’d do more of a refresher before going into the water but we didn’t really. So most of the dive I spent worrying rather than taking in the beauty of the ocean. However I did do my navigational dive and we saw 3 spotted Manta Rays which were on the top of my list. Now one thing to note is that the sea out from Bali towards Manta point/Nusa Penida is rather choppy. So choppy that after the first dive I threw up a lot. Now I don’t usually get travel sick (although I used to as a child a lot, I still fear that new car smell). However anyone that knows me, will know that after being sick it was game over for me and I didn’t do the next two dives which were the deep and the drift. The thought of throwing up into my regulator was all too much for me to handle. So Luke finished his and I didn’t but oh well I’ll just have to complete mine another time. My favourite restaurant in Sanur was Dusk Blue a cute little seaside theme on the way down to the beach. I had a very tasty banana split for dessert and may have nicked some of Luke’s carrot cake too. On the beach front there was a ripcurl shop to do SUP, SUP yoga and surfing.
Ubud was the next stop and one of the places in Bali I was most excited about as I had heard amazing things. It definitely has a very spiritual feel and is a nice change in terms of setting as it is in land rather than on the beach. We stayed in a gorgeous home stay with a private pool and the host made us banana pancakes every day, heaven! One of the things we had booked on the trip was a sunrise mountain trek of Mt Batur. Getting up at 2am has never been so worth it. It was absolutely stunning and an awesome recommendation from a friend. Yoga Barn was next on my list as it’s an incredibly famous yoga studio/resort in Bali. I went to a L2 Vinyasa Flow class and for the first time I managed to do splits unassisted, I had to stop myself from yelping in the class. Food wise there was just too much to choose from. However breakfast had to be Yellow Flower Cafe, lunch at Clear Cafe and dinner Hujan Locale. We also did the Monkey Forest in Ubud and again I wasn’t really into the idea of a Monkey sitting on my head no matter how much Luke thought it was a good idea. We did see some infant monkeys with their mothers holding on to their tails so they couldn’t escape. It’s so funny watching monkeys and seeing how similar they are to us and the instinct of a mother over their child.
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From a  religious aspect Bali is mainly Hindu and the Balinese put out offerings everyday in front of their homes, shops, temples. It really struck me that the offerings were part of their everyday lives to show gratitude. These offerings are usually made with rice paper and filled with flowers, incense and other trinkets. It was inspiring to see and made me wonder what things I am grateful for everyday. Gili Air on the other hand is technically part of Lombok and is therefore Muslim. Just like anywhere in the world you should be respectful but it is not an expectation that you should cover up there so do not worry. You will hear the call to pray from the Mosque but I quite like the call of community and union.
So Gili Air was our last long stop before we made our journey back home via Singapore. There are three islands in the Gili region, Trawangan, Meno and Air. Meno is the quietest and Gili T the most touristy so Air is a nice median. I did SUP yoga with Blue Marine a great dive shop with free diving, SUP, SUP yoga and yoga with Mandala Blue. I also did the morning Vinyasa Flow with Mandala whilst over looking the ocean. I went H2O Yoga and Meditation centre, unfortunately I didn’t yoga there but I did get a traditional full body massage for 100,000IDR which is about £11. It was fabulous. Before the massage I went to their cafe Good Earth for their awesome banana bread which was in fact awesome. The price of a dive at all of the dive centres in Gili Air are the same price so you will be going to a centre based on quality not bias on price which I think it great. If however you didn’t fancy diving which I still didn’t but Luke went out a few times it is really easy to rent a snorkel, mask and fins and go snorkelling. The best place was just outside of Le Bistro which is Turtle Point and on our first evening we saw a green turtle. The two things I wanted to see whilst in the sea were ticked off. Another nice point to Gili Air is that there are no motorised vehicles so it’s bikes or amazingly horse and carriage. Lastly the best place for sunsets and and good food we thought was Mowies, I had the charcoal bum tuna steak burger!
The last place we went to was Uluwatu. We had tried to squeeze it in earlier in our trip whilst we were in Seminyak and Sanur but it didn’t quite workout. So the night before we flew to Singapore we went to watch the sunset at Uluwatu Temple. This temple is a sea temple so it has amazing views of the ocean. It was a shame we didn’t manage to see Uluwatu in the daylight to watch the surfers and the go to some of the secluded beaches, but oh well. Then for dinner we went to Single Fin Beach Club for food which was cool and a nice way to finish our holiday. If you want to know any more details just holla. x

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