BoxxMethod is a digital anytime, anywhere workout. The workouts focus on boxing but incorporate HIIT, running and weights. There is a choice of anytime workouts at a monthly, three monthly or annual fee or three structured workout plans to choose from which include Boxx Boost, Shred or Sculpt. There is always a free trial option on their site if you want to try before you buy.
All of the structured plans are over a six week period with 5 workout days and 2 rest days. The plans can be bought as a digital copy at £39.99 or the introductory offer of £64.99 which includes the digital copy of the workout and plan as well as a printed copy, dumbbells and a free resistance band. Within the planner itself you can keep track of your weight, workouts and diet. The bonus about the six week plan is that it stays in your library so it’s yours to keep and do again.

I tried the BoxxBoost plan which includes running alongside the Boxing and HIIT, where as BoxxShred focuses more on nutrition and BoxxScuplt on weight training. The videos in the plan include warm ups, BoxxHIIT, Stretching and Circuits. The planner then tells you which runs to do e.g. 3, 4 or 6km and sprints/hills too. The videos are online so can be picked up anywhere, phone, tablet, laptop, smart tv. So I took my iPad to the garden, living room, even on holiday and did my workouts and it was super simple.
The workouts are really easy to follow. The videos include 3 trainers; the lead, a modified demonstration and a full demonstration. This gives you the choice of modification depending on your fitness which makes it accessible for all levels or just how you’re feeling that day. The lead will demonstrate the workout and there is usually a title on the left hand side to remind you what skill you are doing. Due to being online the advantage to these workouts is that you always have the option to pause and rewind!
So if you’re looking for workouts that are easy to follow, that give you structure and you can take anywhere then look no further really. If you want to see some short clips go check out my instagram. Let me know if you give it a try and what you think! – Love preparedtotri x

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