Plastic Ocean

Some of you may have seen on my Instagram that whilst on holiday in Bali I was on the beach, looking at the sea and came to notice how much plastic was in the water. There was so much of it just swimming along with the current. It took a few moments of “am I going to look really weird or get in trouble” to decide to go and get the couple of pieces I saw. I then kept going backwards and forwards collecting more and more until I decided to pack up and walk along the waters edge and fill a bag with the plastic from the ocean. It really didn’t take long to fill up a whole bag and yet there was still so much more to collect. A couple of people asked me what I was doing and enough just carried on walking over the plastic on the beach. If I’m honest if I had tried to clear it all up by myself I would probably still be there now. However just doing something really made me feel like I had made a difference.
After posting a picture about it and getting a hugely positive response (not on the ocean plastics) I kind of became a bit obsessed with how to reduce plastic, what plastics are recyclable, where can you recycle certain plastics and so on. Therefore I will be posting a series of different posts about recycling.  So here’s a few easy things you can do to reduce the plastic you use.
WATER BOTTLES – Buy a reusable bottle. I love my swell bottle, especially on holiday as it really keeps my water cool all day. It will also keep your tea hot too, but I haven’t actually tried that yet. They come in loads of beautiful designs and different sizes too. This one is from The Sports Edit.
GO TO MARKET – stop buying fruit and veg in containers and go to the market instead or at least buy loose fruit and veg from the supermarket (trying not using a small clear plastic bag). You may find going to the local market cheaper too and they normally use brown paper bags which are easy to recycle.

PLASTIC BAGS – Well rather than spending 5p every time or using a plastic bag always leave a little canvas tote bag in your backpack/handbag. Then it’s reusable, environmentally friendly and super handy. I like the ones in Paperchase as they go really small or a canvas one with a slogan! It’s most likely you’ve been to an event with a goody bag that you can use.
STRAWS – Try to stay away from plastic straws. I didn’t realise this but plastic straws often are too small to easily be recycled and end up in the sea and therefore can be dangerous to aquatic life. So try to use a metal or paper one but those without a polyethylene lining.
So those were just some easy steps for the time being as I don’t want to overload you. The next post will be about ways to recycle and other items you might want to stay clear from. The image below may give you a clue….


Photography by Justin Hofman

Together we can make a change. Peace and Love xx

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