Yoga Wheel

I recently was bought the Yogi Bare Yoga Wheel for my birthday. It was a gift that perhaps I had hinted at especially as in all honesty I wasn’t sure whether it was going to be a bit of a novelty or not. However after using it since it has been a lot of fun and been great in helping me with my practice. The wheel also adds an extra challenge to poses, although I haven’t quite mastered Bakasana on it yet! The yoga wheel can be bought from Yogi Bare’s website and it comes in different patterns/colour ways. The wheel was originally £35.99 but currently on sale at £29.99 so go and grab yourself a bargain. There are also other brands of yoga wheel such as the Dharma Yoga Wheel which can be purchased too. I went for the palm print wheel from Yoga Bare as I just love the way it looks, bringing a bit of the tropics to my mat. There are loads of different ways you can use the wheel and I have listed a few areas and postures that you could try at home.
HIPS – There are all manner of hip openers that can be done on the wheel. I really enjoyed the one below and it was great on the hammies too. Getting the wheel to line up nicely and rolling your foot out on it can take a couple of goes  (well it did for me). The wheel has a non slip material on the outskirts to help keep you in place which is great. Another pose I enjoyed was a variation of lizard with the back foot on top of the wheel rather than on the floor.

CORE – Now here’s where the tricky bit comes in. I found these plank variations far more challenging than I thought I would. The first one I tried was a one legged plank as per the picture below. This is a pose I would do often as part of a one legged Chaturanga but this was definitely harder. I also tried a regular plank with my hands on the wheel. It really did take a lot of my concentration, it’s amazing how adding in the extra balance factor really does change the pose for you. If you want to go even further try a one armed plank variation with just one hand on the wheel. I tried and failed dramatically….I will let you know if I progress any further!

BACKBENDS – The first time I curved my spine on the wheel it definitely clicked every vertebrae! So take it easy, although it did feel good. The wheel in the backbends I thought was the most useful in terms of getting deeper into a pose and I found the wheel to be a real help. The picture below I opted for hands in pray however I did try taking the hands to the feet to get into Kapotasana – King Pigeon Pose. It was the closest I have ever got into the pose and I definitely think that’s down to the wheel as it was supporting my back and opening up my back and shoulders. The wheel can also be used to gently massage the spine too!

HAMSTRINGS – My Uttanasana has never really been a full on chest to thighs/knees. If I want them to touch then my knees really have to be bent. This is down to tightness in my hamstrings but I am ok with this and a part of my practice however it doesn’t stop me from trying. Again I found the wheel useful in assisting me into a pose rather than making it more of a challenge. There’s always the option of a seated forward fold – Paschimottanasana with the wheel behind the feet and stretching out towards the wheel.

I hope this gives you some food for thought. There is so much to choose from with the wheel and I didn’t even cover inversions! Thanks for reading and let me know if you have a wheel already and what postures you like or if you end up getting one after this post would love to share any recommendations! Peace + Love.

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