No Guts No Glory

A new concept gym called 12×3 has just opened in Aldgate. Founded by British Middleweight Champion Darren Barker and Ryan Pickard, a boxer and former Captain for England who both started their careers at the infamous Repton Boxing Club. The idea behind the name and format of the classes is that it’s 12 rounds x 3 mins which is the time of a full length professional bout, which gives the gym a unique selling point. As soon as you walk into the gym they’ve got the aesthetics down to a T. Monochrome and industrial decor with the 12×3 logo on the wall and on the centre of the boxing ring. The “No Guts No Glory” slogan which is shared with Repton Boxing Club is tiled to the wall by the ring to remind you why you are here and where these guys have come from.

The space itself is a large room with a boxing ring, bags, mats, bars and plenty of other equipment that boxers would use to get fighting fit, so you know you’re in for a tough time! We were all given Adidas boxing wraps on our arrival which Darren kindly offered to put on for me (clearly I am a complete novice). Within the shared space there are multiple classes going on and although that may sound a bit chaotic everyone is switching up the exercises and routine and working around the room like you would a ring. It really gives a sense of community that you don’t get in other gyms. So onto the workout and the real reason we were there. Below explains the session we did but judging from the other classes this wouldn’t be the same workout every time, so it gives you a flavour of the kind of sweaty mess you may become.
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The 4-1 workout:
Approx 2×3 mins of skipping
Jump rope waist belt – checking our stance and form to the cones and adding jabs or push ups at the end
Circuit of three exercises including pads with the coach and various other e.g. Squats, burpees, push ups…
Step ups and medicine ball slams for 10,8,6,4,2 each
Sit ups and twisted sit ups for 10,8,6,4,2 each
Post workout the locker room is unisex with individual changing rooms and showers in each cubicle. The old school grey lockers, white sinks and exposed copper taps fit perfectly with the rest of the gym. There’s lots of space in the cubicles with shower gels and separate shampoo and conditioner (you know that’s a must) from Triumph and Disaster and moisturiser in the communal area. Like all gyms I do wonder that if the classes finish at the same time that there would be a queue for the showers especially in those early mornings before work but I think that often goes without saying.

Money talks.

  • 1 on 1 = £75 (12th session free)
  • 4 on 1 = £25 (12th session free)
  • 12 weeks unlimited £750

There’s currently a code to get a free class/es for the first two weeks of the gym opening by using code LAUNCH but be quick as time is nearly up.
All in all I really enjoyed the class and concept of the gym and you know you’re in safe hands as all of the coaches both men and women have boxed to a high standard so you couldn’t be learning off more well equipped people. I will certainly be back for another “beasting” as Darren put it this morning. 
A leaving note from the 12×3 site……

Greatness is not a measure of how
great you are, but how great others
came to be because of you.

Peace and Love guys x


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