Yoga Training – 2

So weekend 2 of yoga teacher training is done and I am pretty exhausted from this one. This was our first weekend in two weeks and we had been tasked with 6 days practice, learning the Sanskrit names for Surya Namaskara A & B (sun salutations) and writing some teaching scripts ready for the weekend ahead. I have to be honest the first week I only practiced 3 times and the second week was 5 but only because it included the yoga teaching weekend. There’s 3 weeks until our next teaching weekend so I really need to book in some more classes and try to practice in the mornings before work so I can fit in triathlon training in the evenings. It’s all about getting yourself into a routine and once you’ve got that it’s normally do-able right?
So this weekend was all about the standing sequence of our modified primary series. We also learnt about Bandhas. On the practical side we had to teach one of the other students a 30min class which included 3 round of Surya Namaskara A & B as well as the standing series. Although I had been kind of dreading it most of the week it actually went really well, despite the fact that we had to teach and demonstrate at the same time. All in all I think I’ve did about 6-7 hours of yoga last weekend and my shoulders are aching from all of the Chaturanga Dandasanas!
So what are Bandhas?
The word Bandha means to lock, bind or tighten. Bandhas are often described as locks or valves to help ensure the energy flows throughout the body correctly. There are three common Bandhas called Jalandhara Bandha, Uddiyana Bandha and Mula Bandha.
Jalandhara Bandha (throat lock) stops energy from moving up the body from escaping the upper body. In order to carry out this Bandha the chin and chest are drawn towards one another without just dropping the chin. This Bandha is more commonly used throughout pranayama practice rather than Asanas like the other two.
Mula Bandha (root lock) is the opposite stops energy from moving down the body from escaping the lower body and pushes it upwards. This Bandha is found between the genitals and anus but you should not contract the pelvis or anus itself.
Uddiyana Bandha (flying lock) helps move the energy upwards through the body. This is often activated when the Mula Bandha is as its the action of drawing in the lower belly.
To be honest I have only tried these a few times and have found it hard to decipher whether I have got it or not. According to our teacher it isn’t something you get first time, even though it felt like the rest of the class did so do not worry if you feel like, what is she on about? 🙂
Hopefully I will be able to expand on the Bandhas and share my knowledge.
Enjoy your practice. xx

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Wearing all Alo Yoga

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