Yoga Training – Intro

I have been practicing yoga for the last 4 years or so but more consistently in the last 2 years. I have always enjoyed yoga and found that it really compliments endurance sport. Last year I decided I wanted to deepen my knowledge and understanding of the practice and there’s no time like the present right? So I looked at yoga teacher training and decided to go with Yoga London, which one of my close friends had also completed her training with too.
To become a yoga teacher you have to have the 200 hour qualification. This is the foundation to your teacher training and is accredited by Yoga Alliance. After this you can do your 500 hour or specialise in certain areas such as Pregnancy Yoga, Yoga with Children etc.
In a post I wrote recently I said that I do not plan to become a yoga teacher full time however I do want to teach. I personally would like to volunteer post my yoga course. I am a firm believer that if you are fortunate to do so whether that’s with your time, money or experiences that you should share them with others. So just like all of those free run clubs I go to which I think are fantastic I would like to do something similar (obviously a lot of those are under huge corporations but you know what I mean). My plan right now is to hopefully start at work and see where I go.
So last weekend I finally started my course which runs from mid February to the end of June and it’s basically every other weekend for a total of 10 weekends. The weekends are quite intense with a Friday 6-9pm session and then Saturday and Sunday 9-6pm. The full days are made up of:

  • 120 mins of yoga
  • 15 min break
  • 90 min lecture or similar
  • Lunch (60 mins)
  • 120 min lecture or similar
  • 15 min break
  • 120 min lecture or similar

The first Friday introduced us both to yoga and each other. There are about 26 people on my course, all at different periods of their lives and practice so it’s great to have some diversity. We did an hours worth of yoga practice and then moved on to the History/Philosophy of Yoga.The Saturday we did around 2 hours of yoga and then moved on to breathing exercises and then poses analysis for the rest of the afternoon.The Sunday was again 2 hours of yoga and then looking at how you may teach the class we participated in early and the afternoon was spent talking about adjustments and giving them a go on each other.
The hardest part of the weekend in all honesty was sitting down for all the lectures, which was on a block, cross legged. A great hip opener but tightness in the hips can put pressure on the knees so mine were killing although I think we all felt pretty sore by the last day.
So what are we expected to do outside the course I hear you ask? Well here’s the list I have so far:

  1. 6 day practice (preferably an hour but we all know this may not be realistic)
  2. Keep a journal of the above practices and then send a monthly summary
  3. Observe 3 classes (2 Vinyasa and the other whatever you wish)
  4. Hand in your observations for each of the classes above
  5. Yoga Philosophy Assignment
  6. Write up Teaching Scripts

So then how are we assessed?

  1. Practical exam where we teach a 60 min class
  2. Written exam on the Anatomy
  3. Written exam on Yoga Philosophy

Hopefully that gives you a bit of an insight into what the yoga teacher training holds. I will be keeping you updated on each weekend with useful tips and tricks on what I’ve learnt.
Thanks, peace and love x
Main Picture wearing all Dharmabums and below wearing Varley and Puma.


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