Making Tracks

Last Monday I had the absolute pleasure of being coached by Jessica Ennis-Hill at Battersea Park Running Track curtsy of Adidas Running Club. Adidas are a brand that speak for themselves but their run club in London really hit the scene at the beginning of this year and man do they know how to put on a run club. The Friday before the Ennis-Hill session they had the Brownlee brothers who I missed (this is still a real sore spot, I was devastated to miss them). The Brownlee’s did a run, core and spin session in true trio form!
This post however is all about the track session with our Olympic Hepthathlete, so if you have a track near you why don’t you give this a go and it will be a taste of an Olympic routine!

  • 2 x 50m high knees
  • 2 x 50m heel flicks
  • 2 x 400m easy pace

We hit the hurdles in pairs and I haven’t seen hurdles since school so I was looking terrified, luckily we weren’t expected to go over them at speed, phew!

  • Engaging our core and getting up on our toes, the lead leg was to go vertically down the other side of the hurdle and then the knee of your other leg to go out to the side and bring it across the other side of the hurdle then once the knee is in front of you bring it down. We repeated this alternating each leg over about 20 hurdles.
  • We then went to face the side of the hurdle and moved one foot at a time over the hurdle with a bent knee ensuring there was a bounce in your step between one hurdle and the next. This was repeated again but make sure you move to the other side of the hurdles so that both legs have led.
  • This was then repeated but with straight legs (don’t forget to move further away from the hurdle so you can straighten your leg)
  • We then moved away from the hurdles and did some more high knees and heel flicks.
  • Last drill was to put one foot in front of the other whilst sticking to the track line, the key to this was getting some float in your movement, almost like you were making an S with your feet.

Main set
The main set was 4 x 100m round the bend of the track getting faster and faster with every round. The advice here was to look down for the first 20m and think about the way we place our feet as we’re running and driving those arms. Then ease into the corner before engaging that power for the straight.
We then finished on 3 x 400m at pace with 30-40seconds rest in between.
Thanks for reading, preparedtotri xx

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