Shake it off 

I definitely have a go to protein shake, it’s the one I always make so if you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably seen it several times, it’s like a milkshake and it’s delicious. Protein should be taken within 30 minutes of finishing a strenuous workout as helps the tissues in your body to repair as well as helping your muscles to recover.
Below is my Banana and nut butter protein shake:
2 table spoons, Nut butter of your choosing I usually go for Pip & Nut coconut almond butter.
1 frozen banana – I always have frozen bananas in the fridge for one of these shakes.
300-400ml Almond milk – you can use any milk you like and depending how much you want you can add more. I normally use one of the Alpro milks.
2 scoops protein shake – I use High5 banana and vanilla protein shake as I think it compliments the other flavours.
Extras – although these aren’t necessary I like to add in a teaspoon of chia seeds and sometimes some agave nectar too.
Let me know if you try  it and if you have any other recommendations let me know! Love preparedtotri x

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