Can't Stop Me Now

I wrote a post a couple of weeks ago listing my top 5 things for winter training when it comes to cycling (see the post here). However if you are not one for cycling outdoors in the winter months then the indoor alternative is either spin, turbo or roller sessions. In terms of sessions at home you will probably have a different set up depending on the space that you have, however here are a few pointers to keep you going.
1 – Fan club – Get yourself a fan and point it towards you like you’re rehearsing for a girl band video. When you’re in a gym or at home it can get rather hot as you are missing that lovely wind on your face and unless you live in a hot climate it’s unlikely that you’ll have air conditioning, so get that fan out!
2 – Keep your bike dry – Even if you have got yourself a fan, you’re likely to be sweating in your homemade session and if not, then perhaps you’re not working hard enough 😉 However you don’t want the sweat dripping from your body to ruin the nice paint of your bike or the floor. So I would recommend getting yourself a towel for your bike/your face.
3 – Get motivated – Depending on how long your session is there are a few ways to keep it interesting and again completely dependent on how much space you have.

  • Get some music on and have a cycling rave – think 6 Day.
  • Put on the tv/film this is a good distraction as well as a way to ensure you cycle for a set amount of time.
  • Invest in an app such as zwift, where it turns your turbo session into riding up Alpe d’heuz!

4 – Plan it – Plan your sessions so that you get the most out of them and you’re be more likely to stick to the session. I found some great articles to give you some structure and variation in your turbo sessions from 220 Triathlon, British Cycling and Road Cycling UK – Perhaps we can do them all this winter, I’m game if you are?
Food for thought for some turbos and rollers:
On the left we have Cycleops Wind Trainer from Chain Reaction Cycles reduced to £110.
On the right we the Elite Arion Parabolic Rollers from Wiggle reduced to £158.
Rollers and turbo.PNG

Thanks, preparedtotri x


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