Snow Threads

No this isn’t a triathlon post and not really even remotely related unless we want to talk Biathlon? However skiing is a great winter sport and it is that time of year where my friends and I start thinking about where to go on our next skiing holiday. I  have only been skiing for the last few years regularly as Luke is an avid skier but mainly into his freestyle skiing. If you’re unsure of what that consists of it’s jumps, rails, boxes and a leap of faith. If you’re still not sure check out Ski the Kingdom, a group of British Freestyle Skiers just doing what they love.
Skiing has been and still is a real learning curve for me and this is due to a couple of reasons. I think trying something completely new as an adult is pretty daunting for one, I am definitely not the most fearless person in the world and I am no good in the cold. Also practice makes perfect and let’s be honest I’m going once a year maximum. Did I say I hate the cold? I mean I really dislike it, well at least my body does like my hands going completely numb to the point where they’ve gone a whitish yellow, not good. When I go running in the winter it’s an essential to have a couple of pairs of gloves on or at least some liners. So if anyone knows of a really good pair hit a girl up.
In general it’s pretty easy to find some good running/gym clothes but we all know how I feel about women’s cycling kit not quite being there yet. Skiing gear is another area where I think this applies. Also a bit like triathlon it’s not the cheapest sport in the world. However I am on a mission to find some great apparel for this ski season that’s stylish and practical as none of us want frostbite!
1. Sweaty Betty Mountain Top Seamless Ski Base Layer – £60

2. Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Hi-Rise Boot Leather and Fur – £80

3. Roxy Torah Bright Ascend Snow Jacket – £275
4. Armada Women’s Wildling Gore-Tex Ski Mitt from Surfdome – £89.99
5. Oakley 02 XL Goggles, Matt White 2017  – £79.99
6. Sweaty Betty Mountain Leggings Seamless Ski Base Layer Leggings – £60
7. Perfect Moment Aurora Flared Ski Trouser – £250
8. Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm from Boots – £7.25

Thanks & just like cycling don’t forget to wear a helmet! x


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