Are We Running Today?

If you haven’t heard Apple have released a new watch well technically two new watches. The Apple Watch Series 2 is finally waterproof up to 50 metres which gives triathletes another all rounder watch, out of a fairly small selection in my eyes. Other brands like Garmin, Polar and Suunto also provide watches that work for swimming, cycling and running. The watch I’ll be talking about is the new Apple Watch Nike + which is Apple and Nike’s new collaboration. Although it has the same features that the Series 2 has, there are a few additions.
I got to trial out the watch by signing up on Nike’s website to a 5km run with one of their Nike Running Club Pacers. Now if you don’t know much about Nike’s Run Clubs then here’s your chance. They host free runs in most of their flagship stores all over the world. They have a variety of runs, routes and pace groups and are very popular. So if you’re looking for a way to get motivated with running then running groups like this are great. I got to run with Emma who 2 days beforehand completed her first Ironman, which unusually was completed all indoors. She did a fantastic 12 hours & 53 minutes, so kudos to her for keeping me motivated. Emma set me up with a watch which was already synced up to the phone they had and all I had to do was sign into my Nike + Run Club app, easy.
The next step was to talk into the phone and say “Siri, are we running today?” and the app should open. I say should as we tried it twice and it didn’t work. So I went into the home screen scrolled down and opened up the Nike + Run Club app from the touch screen instead. From there it was really easy as you just press start and you’re off. The watch speaks to you just like the app does, letting you know how long you’ve been running for, what your pace is and what distances you’ve covered. If you turn your wrist towards you the watch comes to life and on screen it gives you the same measurements as well as your heart rate. This is one of my favourite features on the Apple watch as the heart rate sensors are built in and you don’t need a heart rate monitor around your chest but this is not exclusive to the Nike watch this goes for all Apple watches. Other than that I hardly noticed the watch on my wrist despite being the 42mm rather than the 38mm. Again another feature I like as most sports watches are very bulky especially on a ladies wrist. Other than that it was a sunny but rather chilly midday run around Regents Park. We did a 5km loop and chatted lots about triathlon and my woes when running, all my woes poor Emma.
All in all I liked the watch due to it’s size and heart rate monitor but there are only a few subtle differences between the Apple Watch Nike + and the Apple Watch itself as the app can be downloaded on the the regular watch. However these differences are as follows:

  • Nike Run Club specific watch faces that include the Nike Volt colours
  • 4 different watch strap that are light and breathable
  • Permanent complication for launching the Nike+ Run Club app


Thanks for reading, prepared to tri x

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