That's Cold, Ice Cold

Winter is definitely on its way and for those of you who are brave enough to hit the outdoor world on the bike rather then exclusively move to the spin sessions or the turbo trainer will need keep safe and warm. The below includes a list of my top five essentials to get you through those dark cold mornings and evenings.


I bought overshoes for the first time last winter and whoa do these guys make a difference. I literally cannot recommend them enough, they keep my feet so toasty. I have this SealSkinz pair and they’re great, I went for black but they do have some reflective strips on the back and some neon additions for those dark days.

Hi-Vis Jacket

Safety comes first so the brighter the better which is why I have chosen this Proviz Reflect 360 Jacket. I think this jacket is great as it’s different to the standard neon yellow jackets or bright colours with reflective patterns. As you can see in the picture below you really are very visible in the dark and it has great reviews everywhere I have looked. There are two versions of the 360 Reflect Jacket and the main difference is price but that is due to raising technology in terms of it being more breathable and waterproof. They also have a range of colour reflective ones in blue, green, red, yellow and black with the same “beacon” like quality.

Bike Lights

Now you wouldn’t drive around with your lights off on your car when driving around in the dark so why wouldn’t you on the bike? Just like you do in a car, there’s a white light at the front and red light for the back. Lights give bike riders another tool to be seen on the roads and can be used day and night.  These Lezyne lights have 9 different modes such as constant and flashing and can be easily attached to your seat post or handlebars. If lights on the front and back aren’t enough you can purchase lights for your helmet and wheels if you want. I came across a product last year where you spray your bike with a substance (it’s clear, fear not) and at night it glows in the dark!

Winter Gloves

My hands get absolutely freezing in the winter to the point where I think the may fall off, so a good pair of winter gloves is a must. Ideally you want them to be wind and waterproof. I have found that some winter gloves can be quite restrictive so it may be a bit of a trial and error depending on what ones you buy. Also my tip would be to get gloves where the inner lining is actually stitched to the outer as otherwise when you pull your hands out of your gloves for your coffee and cake pit stop it’s a pain in the butt trying to put them back on again. These Gore gloves have a thermo lining and protect your palms with foam padding.
gore gloves.PNG

A Buff

I love my buff and it’s completely versatile. I use it for running, cycling and skiing. The buff works in many different ways like just around your neck or over your head and neck etc. and it comes in many colours, designs and fabrics. I have the plain black one with the reflective strip as per the picture below but they also have more colourful buffs with a reflective pattern too.

Stay safe, preparedtotri xx



  1. November 13, 2016 / 3:37 pm

    I have buffs in every single bag I own (even ‘going on a night out bag’ – ha ha), amazing inventions. I do need over shoes though!

    • November 13, 2016 / 8:06 pm

      They are so good, my nose always gets so cold! Oh overshoes are the ones, I don’t know what I did without them!

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