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I’m not going to bore you with my love hate relationship with running once again but I will let you know about the running events I’m taking part in to help build that relationship up again and ways in which you can try and find running more enjoyable.
My top tips for running:

  1. Mix it up – If you like to just run then try out different routes but perhaps don’t get lost, you could end up running much further than expected. If you find just running and seeing how far you get a bit boring then try the track, hill sprints, trail running to get a great foundation for running and help with your technique.
  2. Run with a friend – Ideally someone around the same level or perhaps better to push/pace you. If you don’t have any friends that are into running then join a club. There are so many out there, lots that are free and some that aren’t. In London there’s Nike, Adidas, Sweatshop, Frame, Midnight Runners just to name a few.
  3. Soundtrack your running – For me it’s listening to a fast dance beat to get my legs moving, it’s also a great motivator. *Warning* you may want to sing and dance as you’re running, hopefully that’s not just me!
  4. Get the right kit – If you’ve made the effort to get out there and run you want to make sure that you’ve got the right gear. Lots of sports shops offer Gait analysis to help understand what type of runner you are. Do you run more toe to heel or heel to toe? Are you a neutral runner or do you overpronate (as in you foot rolls inwards after landing).
  5. Have a goal – I have a few to mention below but whether that’s completing a certain distance, finishing a particular race or managing to go on just one run a week it’s important to set a goal to get you through.

Good Gym – I came across these guys quite recently and I love their goal, DO GOOD, GET FIT. In general they are a run club but also an outside gym. They would meet and run to a local park for example and help with the upkeep of that park. If anyone has done a lot of gardening you know that it’s a good workout. The is also the chance to be buddy an elderly person and you commit to running to their house and having a cup of tea with them to keep them company and in turn they encourage you to keep up with your fitness and carry on running. It is all about keeping fit but doing something for your community. They have different groups across the country and boroughs in London.
RunEveryDay in October with Ronhill UK – So I have decided to give this a go. I may have gone mad but I have seen across social media quite a few of these “run every day” for a certain period of time. Now you don’t have to run very far every day, it can just be a kilometer or a mile. The whole point is to get you out there and you don’t have to do it alone. I will be keeping you updated with how I get on with the #runeveryday hashtag so why don’t you sign up too, fingers crossed I’ll at least complete a week!
MyMileMatters – Now if the above sounds like too much what about running a mile six times over the period of the 8th September and the 20th October? The site Running Heroes is running this event and you can be in with the chance of winning £3,000 for the charity of your choice and a weeks trail running holiday. In order to track your running you have to use an app to show evidence of your runs and there are lots of other competitions you can take part in where you can receive rewards for your runs. There is also a Cycling Heroes and a Skiing Heroes, go check it out.
Urban Rush – Another way to challenge yourself is by running for charity or just entering into a race is such a good motivator. I have entered into the Urban Rush which is a 15 mile run for the Charity Shelter. Shelter help people that are homeless or struggling with bad housing. If you want to sponsor me than this is my site.

Thanks #preparedtotri

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