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I survived the 70.3 and immediately afterwards I was like right that’s ticked off my list. Done. A couple of weeks later though and I’m already researching other Ironman70.3 courses to conquer as I’d like to get faster. However I would really like to give triathlon a bit of a break and try out some new things or improve on the fitness areas I already concentrate on. I’m going to throw out a few ideas and see what you think.


I would like to improve on my yoga. There are a few yoga/flexibility poses that I would really like to achieve. Firstly the forearm stand but away from the wall, I have been too scared to move from the wall, it is currently my safety blanket. I know I need to stop being so scared and just allow myself to go right over so I know that it’s ok but I’m not ready just yet. I think I also need to improve on some strength for this pose and do some more yogi push up. Secondly the splits which is not too far out of my grasp but I need to practice this pose more to achieve it. When I was triathlon training despite keeping up with my yoga it was my lowest priority. I would also like to get better at yoga in general and go to more classes rather than just doing it by myself at home as I feel I need some inspiration for poses.

Wall Climbing

Luke and I tried a climbing wall in St Albans a few years ago. It was really fun and a great way to test the strength in your legs as they are pivotal to your movement up the wall. It was also good for the mind in terms of co-ordination and forward thinking for you next step. There is also the climbing wall in Swiss Cottage which is run by the Better Gyms that looks really good. I often go passed it in the car as it has a massive glass window so you can see everyone inside. For those of us who love our open water swimming and have gone to the West Reservoir in Stoke Newington you would have notice the Castle which is a climbing centre. I recently went to a gym that had a circular moving climbing wall which I have never seen in a gym before. It was really easy to use and you could turn up the speed of the wall, so I am going to have to find out where I can find one of those near me.

Track & Trail Running

Running oh running. I went into my 70.3 knowing I hadn’t completed more than 10km in my training. Yes, you read that right. I have a 15mile run for the charity Shelter on 2nd October which will be painful and I will want to stop a lot but it will be well worth the cause. I really struggle with running both mentally and physically. I need to get over this sharpish as it has been a black cloud over my running all year and yet last year I was the fastest I have ever been. I went to a couple of different Track Mafia collaboration sessions with Frame and Nike and I really enjoyed the set up. Also the fact that these sessions aren’t light hearted and help you push that pain barrier and I need that. I don’t see myself giving up triathlon any time soon and running is just part of the package so I am willing to put some effort into trying different things to help me with my love of running. Now track concentrates more on shorter distances unless you are Mo Farah and I have seen so much on social media on all these amazing ultra-marathons in different countries etc. and thought well that would be less monotonous than the roads and includes more variables so I will investigate trail shoes and routes within and around London and see what happens.


I had never been to a purely boxing focussed class until I went to the Nike Unlimited You one a few weeks ago where I did a Kobox session followed by a treadmill NRC session for the first time. I know a little bit about boxing so I have to be honest I got a little annoyed when they were talking about stances and said that if you are right handed you punch with the right and that if you were left handed you punch with the left without mentioning their names which are orthodox and southpaw and not saying that you can break that rule. Anyway once we got going I absolutely loved it. I have always thought of boxing as quite a brutal sport (which it is to be fair) but I actually didn’t feel a lot of aggression when punching the bag. I am not an aggressive person to begin with but when people talk about when they’ve boxed they normally mention releasing anger and yet I just wanted to prove to myself that I had the strength and endurance for that kind of fitness. I like the co-ordination aspect and being agile on your feet. I could see how yoga in terms of balance was also an advantage.


Thanks #preparedtotri x

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