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Squirrel Sisters

Squirrel Sisters –  Cacoa Orange £2.49

This brand was in fact founded by two sisters who wanted to create a fun but healthy form of snacking. I think in terms of taste they have it spot on, this bar was delicious and I could eat a whole box of them. The packaging in terms of cycling however was a little bit trickier. The wrapper itself was easy to rip with my teeth but once inside I couldn’t just push the food out within the wrapper instead I had to take it out of the little tray. This may sound trivial but all important on a bike ride when you’re trying to steer but perhaps I need to get better at cycling with no hands! I really liked that the bar came in two separate slices which meant I could save one for later. Despite the pesky tray I will be trying out some others from their range, I especially like the look of the Raspberry Ripple one!

pip and nut logo
Pip & Nut – Coconut & Almond Butter 90p-£1.40 in Sainsburys
I love these squeeze packets they’re really easy to tear open on the go but I definitely prefer it as my pre-exercise snack rather than just having a sachet of nut butter solo. My pre-race ritual is nut butter on wholemeal bread with sliced banana on top, it always gets me through. My preferred afternoon snack is sliced banana dipped in nut butter especially if I am running in the evening.
Post-exercise I am a big fan of Pip & Nuts recipe ‘The King’
• 1 frozen banana
• 1-2 tbsps peanut butter (or almond)
• ½ tsp vanilla extractPip&nut
• ½ – 1 cup vanilla almond milk
• ¼ – ½ cup dry gluten free oats
• 1 scoop vanilla protein powder
• 1 tsp local honey
• Dash of cinnamon
• Stevia to taste (optional)
Primal Pantry logo
The Primal Pantry – Brazil Nut & Cherry Paleo Bar £1.75 at Planet Organic
I actually had a little bit of difficulty trying to open this packet with my teeth at first but once it was open I was fine. Due to it being a really sunny day the bar had melted nicely in my jersey pocket which made it very easy to chew, tasty indeed. Primal have a range of 5 Energy Bars made with up to 6 ingredients and 2 Protein Bars with up to 21% of protein. On their site there’s the option to buy a Taster Pack with all 7 of their bars for £9.99.
primal Pantry
Clif – Peanut Butter and the Chocolate Chip £1.79
These bars are actually much bigger than they seem so they lasted a while. I loved the chocolate chip one, I think more than the peanut one which surprised me. The bars are pretty easy to get into whilst on the bike and the bars themselves in terms of texture are chunkier than the others. Clif also do energy gels, bloks and a range called Luna for Women that’s meant to nourish us throughout the day, intriguing. A range of Clif bars can be bought at Holland & Barrett
bounce logo
Bounce – Lemon & Coconut and the Ginseng and Spirulina £1.89
I have no idea why I bought Lemon and Coconut a tad unfair as I’m not sure about the mix of these flavours full stop. It was all a bit much for me at 6:30am before run club so I’ve got to be honest I will be staying clear of that flavour. The Spirulina and Ginseng energy prtein bounce ball on the other hand was surprisingly good. Do not let the green colour patty covered in nuts put you off 😉 Again these balls can be bought at Planet Organic.
Bounce S
Now here’s for one for another time but I was in the gym the other week and started chatting to a girl who had an Ironman70.3 tee on. She said she was part of a relay team and did the run as there was no chance she was going to get in shark infested waters (it was Australia). Then I spoke about taking part in my first ironman70.3 too and that the run was the part I was dreading the most especially after a 90km bike ride and being able to fuel right. Then she said about a girl she met after the race and that what she tried was new potatoes?! So standardly I tweeted UKTriChat to see if it was the norm. It turns out it’s a bit of an old school cycling method for fuelling on long bike rides. Unfortunately I was meant to give them a go on my bike ride last weekend a joyful 97km but I didn’t get the chance so at the moment it’s food for thought! If I try it out I will let you know and if you do tweet me @preparedtotri
Keep fuelling and you can achieve great things…. #preparedtotri x

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