The Heat is On

Feeling hot, hot, HOT. Oh my it is hot in the capital, in case you haven’t heard. This post is going to help you get through this heat wave or that holiday workout or even your normal every day!
Hydrate – On average we should be consuming 2 litres of water every day. This is however just an average and you are of course likely to take on more fluid when you exercise. If you are exercising in the heat for a prolonged amount of time then there is always the option of using electrolyte tablets. Electrolytes are lost through sweating and cannot really be replaced by drinking water alone. I often use High5 electrolyte tablets for long cycles and the citrus ones are by far my favourite. There are different types of electrolytes some that contain the same amount of salts and sugars as our own bodies called Isotonic. Then ones with more salts and sugars than our bodies called Hypertonic and less than called Hypotonic.  Remember it’s not just during your workout but before and after too.
Clothing – Like all things everyone is different. Take myself for example I get boiling hot in the summer and cannot deal with anything bar shorts and a vest and yet in the winter 2 pairs of gloves only just cuts it to keep me warm. There is no middle ground in my body temperature. However there are specially designed clothes for the heat that are made out of synthetic fabric and are moisture wicking. Nike do a range of Dri-Fit clothing and Adidas have their Climacool/Climachill range. Stick to light colours to reflect the rays, try loose fitting clothing and stay away from sweat dripping cotton. A hat is always a good idea to give you that extra shade from the sun but make sure it’s got some ventilation.
Training – Try going out first thing in the morning or later on in the evening. Always try to stay away from the midday sun as this is when it’s at its hottest. If you can try to run in the shade rather than constantly in the sun that would also help, but I know some of us are trying to get our outdoor tan! Don’t worry too much if you don’t feel like you are going as hard or fast as you usually might do as the heat can really take it out of you.
Sleep – We all know how much sleep we can live on, I’m a solid 8 hours and must be in bed before 10:30-11pm to even think about trying to get up in the morning to train before work. This part isn’t about how much sleep you need but ways to help you fall asleep in the dreaded heat. Now air con is an obvious one but in England that’s not the norm so a fan is the best equivalent. If you do not have either of those try opening your windows but if it’s during the day only do so on the shady side, then at night you can open them all. In terms of bedding try sleeping with thin cotton sheets and a nice cool shower just before you get into bed. It was so hot the other night I had to make an ice pack to get to sleep! So don’t miss out on sleep because of the heat there are things you can do.

Last but not least don’t forget the suntan lotion we don’t want any of you burning. If you’re cycling my dad has always said “don’t forget the ears”!
Thanks all #preparedtotri x

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