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One problem most cyclists or triathletes have to overcome is where to put all this stuff? There are bikes, running clothes, cycling kit, swimming gear, wetsuits, trainers, cycling shoes, bottles, nutrition….the list is endless. I have an Orca Transition Bag from Wiggle which is where I try to store most of my things (not to mention the large plastic box full of fun gym clothes under the bed) but still where, where, where will all this fit?
This has become quite the question since I recently moved out of home and no longer have the shed or my sister’s room to use as a second wardrobe. I was pretty brutal with my items I brought with me and luckily for me I’m not the hording type. My main dilemma however still is where to store the bike? This has meant that at present my bike is still at home and I’m riding it on the weekends but I can’t wait to have it with me so I can start cycling round Regent’s Park in the mornings. Therefore I have been searching for clever ways to store my bike and my partner’s but mine’s the priority here, right? Now considering that we have moved into a rented property I have no intention to drill into the walls, I really don’t like getting told off/breaking the rules. So my plan of action was of course find a bike rack which does not require any holes in walls and loud drilling. With some research I found the below Gear Up Rack that stands purely on it’s own and can take two bikes on it, ideal. When it arrives I will give it a proper product review with some photos, but fingers crossed it will be OK.
When I was researching I found some other amazing ways to store ones bike, like under the stairs, up on the ceiling or using aesthetically pleasing racks on the walls. I will definitely be considering these when we have our own place or dream place looking at some of these but they were too cool not to share….
Gear Up Lean Machine Gravity Rack – £44.99 (sale price)
This is the rack I’m getting for our flat, perfect for rented properties as it stands on its own and can hold two bikes.
Rack Free Standing
This rack from Mantel has a simple almost space like design with an area on top to put your helmet and built in storage to put smaller cycling equipment. The price is currently £53.80.

Gear Up also had another option for no drills bike racks. It’s secured between the floor and the ceiling and comes in platinum and oak. The cheaper version is currently £63.62 from Wheelies
I think I love the bike more than the rack, but the simplistic design is still really cool.I have seen others that are also a bookshelf so you could put all your favourite sporting biographies on there. I found a lot of similar designs on Etsy of all the places.
Bike rack 4
I think using the space under the stairs is great as it’s usually just storage space so why not make that storage more pleasing to the eye….well may be just for the cyclist in the family!

The horns rack is so cute and it comes different colours too. This can be bought at Always Riding for £88.99. Again another simplistic wooden rack on the wall I think that’s a firm favourite. Then there is the duo on the right. I like the one on the ground which to me looks like a room divider or a more modern take on the normal outdoors cycling racks.
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