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So it’s now minus 100 days until the 2016 Olympics starts in Rio, Brazil and I cannot believe it’s nearly 4 years since that Super Saturday. In 2012 I was given the opportunity to work on the 2012 Olympic Games in London and it was an experience I will never forget. It was absolutely fantastic the atmosphere around the games was incredible and wow how hard we worked to make sure it was the best experience for everyone involved. I was extremely lucky to get the chance to go the Opening Ceremony within the Olympic Stadium, it was incredible!
The GB Team released their new kit to all on the 100 days to go mark with another collaboration from Adidas and Stella McCartney. It is said to be 10% lighter than the 2012 kit and more breathable to help the athletes go faster. I however was more taken with Jessica Ennis-Hill looking more like the sporting version of Queen Bee than the technical abilities of the kit. Of course there’s a picture below where she looks unstoppable. The design of the kit is focused on a coat of arms rather than the 2012 kit which had the flag depicted using geo-shapes but still using our red, white and blue colour scheme.
Adidas JEH
Now that the kit has been released I am definitely getting into the Rio spirit so found out the dates of my favourite sports to watch and then thought I would share them with you guys. Obviously I have not put all of them in but just a select few finals and of course our Triathlon days. The Olympic Events start with the Opening Ceremony on the 5th August and finish with the Closing Ceremony on the 21st August. Technically the events start on the 3rd as football starts a couple of days early, the 5th will only include the OC.  I will also do another post for the Paralympic Games too which are from 7th-18th September but didn’t want to give you an information overload as the weekend starts.
The 2012 London Olympic Games, Athletics, Men's 200m, Britain - 09 Aug 2012
100m Final
Saturday 13th August (Women)
Sunday 14th August (Men)
5,000m Mo Farah
Friday 19th (Women)
Saturday 20th (Men)

Saturday 13th August
Vault & Uneven Bars Final
Sunday 14th August (Women)
Parallel & Horizontal Bar Final
Tuesday 16th August (Men)


There will be 18 Gold medals up for grabs for Cycling….
Team SprintLaura Trott
Thursday 11th August (Men)
Friday 12th August (Women)
Saturday 13th August (Women)
Tuesday 16th August (Men)
Road Race
Saturday 6th August (Women)
Sunday 7th August (Men)
Individual Time Trial
Wednesday 10th August (Both)


Friday 12th and Saturday 13th (Women)

Monday 15th August (Women)
Tuesday 16th August (Men)
I could not decide on any one race but you can catch swimming everyday from Saturday 6th to Saturday 13th August
Men’s and Women’s Tri first appeared at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games….
Thursday 18th August from 11am (Men)
Saturday 20th August from 11am (Women)
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