Girl Gang

In recent years cycling and triathlon have noticeably been growing in popularity but especially for the female form. I think a major factor in this rise is due to the amazing female role models that us women have in these sports. We’ve had women like Victoria Pendleton and Laura Trott dominating the track. Jodie Stimpson, Helen Jenkins, Chrissie Wellington, Vicki Holland and a firm favourite of mine Non Stanford leading the triathlon world over multiple distances. However you cannot talk about women’s triathlon without mentioning Gwen Jorgensen, she is a machine and just an incredibly talented triathlete. There are so many women to be inspired by and it doesn’t just stop at the pro-athletes.
It seems like women everywhere are encouraging each other to join the sport by creating a community that you would want to be a part of and to keep going at it. I have noticed in turn that women’s specific cycling and triathlon clothing is on the up and there are lots of cycle rides that are aimed just for women. Below I have mentioned a few women’s focused club rides (in London) so that we can meet, share stories and motivate each other every step of the way no matter your goal. Hopefully I will see you soon at one of the weekend rides and perhaps the Tuesday QoM Regent’s Park stint (I’ll be joining soon as a newbie).
1st Sunday of the Month – Richmond Park
3rd Sunday of the Month – Longer Ride
Queen of the Mountain
Tuesday – Regent’s Park 7am
Thursday – Richmond Park 9:30am
1st Sunday of the Month – Bike & Brunch 9:00am
1st Saturday of the Month – Starts 8:30am Giant Camden
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