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A small post today to represent how the little things make a difference.
The small thing I’m going to talk about is listening to music, especially when running. For me I need that push when I run. I need that fast beat to concentrate on, to get me through.
I have heard that trying to sing when running helps your lungs/diaphragm but I’m not sure about running along the streets whilst singing my heart out. Although it would probably make quite a fun workout and would be worth it just to see the pedestrian reactions.
I love music and I don’t think I could live without it. I did get to a stage where I felt like I couldn’t possibly go out for a run without music as how would I motivate myself? This isn’t a good thing as a lot of races don’t cater for earphones, so I slowly stopped listening to music on my shorter runs. Then tried listening to music towards the end of my long runs when I was lagging!  Although I think that was probably more an excuse on my part than anything else.
So I’m going to give you a playlist of songs that push the tempo:

  1. Fred V & Grafix – Major Happy (if this doesn’t make you major happy then I’m at a loss) and Constellations
  2. Netsky – Rio (there have been a couple of times running where I have done a couple of side step twirls, face in hands)
  3. Jamie xx – Gosh
  4. Jack Ü – Where Are U Now (Justin Bieber) – yeah sorry
  5. Icarus – Home – Well this definitely needs to be your homestretch song

#preparedtotri #runaoke x

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