Ironman 70.3

Sunday afternoon and what else is there to do but book yourself and your partner a place on the Ironman 70.3 in Austria over your birthday weekend? This is not a decision I have taken lightly.
Ever since I took part in my first sprint triathlon it has been the big goal to accomplish the IRONMAN distance. I have always said to myself that I would complete an Ironman by my 30th year. At present I seem to be on track as I will have covered half that distance by 27, well just!
The Ironman 70.3 means the total number of miles covered across the 3 disciplines. It’s a 1.2 mile swim (roughly 1900m), 56 mile bike (90km) and then a 13.1 mile run (21km). It is a real step up from the Olympic Distance which is 1500m swim, 40km bike and a 10km run. The bike and run course are doubled but the swim isn’t half as bad which is a bonus, I feel I’ve got that one covered.
As this is my first 70.3 triathlon you’re probably wondering why I chose the one I did? There were a few reasons….

  1. Triathlons in the UK are apparently brutal – 52 hills in 56 miles….no thanks!
  2. I wanted a triathlon later in the year so that the training was more enjoyable (daylight hours)
  3. The course held the world championships last year
  4. Despite being the Alps it’s not a crazy hilly course
  5. This was over the bank holiday which also happens to be my birthday so making a bit of a break of it
  6. I’ve never been to Austria
  7. USA is too far (sorry)

Downsides are of course that it’s not on my doorstep but with planning it will all be fine.
So now looking at the training plan. According to the official Ironman’s website

  • two sessions per discipline per week is adequate (ie: two swims, two bikes, and two runs per week) = 6 sessions a week
  • three sessions per week per discipline is even better = 9 sessions a week
  • four sessions per discipline per week is for the advanced athlete. Remember, if you’re training at this end of the scale be sure to take every fourth week easy with at least a full day off from training = 12 sessions a week

I will probably aim for the 6-9 sessions a week and include some yoga/strengthening within that. I know that my running needs more work than my swimming so although I will keep consistantly working on my swims I will probably add in an extra run.
I think breaking this down into small sized chunks that this will be achieveable. A mixture of distance, speed and technique sessions for each discipline. Although I am nervous I am extremely excited and can’t wait for this training to begin.
Always be #preparedtotri x

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