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The night before a race I gather up my triathlon kit like a little ritual to ensure I have all the essentials. Now depending on whether you are a beginner or pro there will be some differences (mainly in £££) but the bare essentials will be the same.
I have split this triathlon check list into 4 parts; swim, bike, run & transition area. I have indicated which ones are essential with a ✓ . I have substituted various items as I know when starting your first triathlon the amount of equipment you need can be daunting.
Please let me know if you have any questions #preparedtotri #justtri

Swim Bike Run Transition
Goggles   ✓ A bike ✓
This could be mountain, road or tri specific
There is always the option to rent a bike
Race belt ✓
Or you can safety pin the number to your tri-suit (the number will be provided by the event)
Swimming hat ✓
(this will be provided by the event but you’ll need one in training)
MANDATORY – Please always wear a helmet!
Energy gels
Transition bag ✓
Or you could use a clear box/normal bag to put all your stuff in
Wetsuit  ✓
Wetsuits can be rented
Wetsuits may be prohibited if the weather is too hot or mandatory if too cold this factors in distance
Road shoes & socks ✓
If you want you can always wear your running trainers
Running cap
Flip flops
To walk from transition to the swim start
 Tri-suit ✓
Option of a 1 piece or 2 piece – I am putting this down as an essential as although you could swim with a costume on it would mean cycling in it too as it’s normally against the rules to get fully naked 😉
Water Bottle/s ✓
I normally have an electrolyte tablet or two in mine
  Talcum powder
This is a saviour. Put some talc in your socks and they’re much easier to put on when your feet are wet
Wetsuit socks or gloves
I am a wimp in the cold so I love my Blue Seventy swim socks
Energy bars/Gels ✓
A handy tip is to tape these to your bike frame
Body glide
To help you get that wetsuit off!
Cycling gloves

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