Why try triathlon?

This is my very first post so be kind.

I take part in triathlon, I must be out of my mind.

Now triathlon consists of three sports; swimming, cycling and running.
I took part in my first triathlon in 2011, the London Virgin Active Triathlon. This included a 750m open water River Thames swim, 20km bike ride and a 5km run. It was hard but I had also trained like crazy. Due to it being my first ever triathlon I have to admit I went training mad. I was terrified. However I have found that signing up to an event is the best way for me to be motivated to exercise aka it scares me into training but that works for me. I am now racking up the number of triathlons I have competed in so it’s safe to say I love the sport.
There are positives and negatives to the sport. I won’t lie to you it can be expensive, especially if you take the “all the gear no idea” or “but you looked good at the start line” approach. Yes I am a sucker for brands. However getting good gear is a great investment if you carry on with the sport. If you’re not sure and you’re a first timer there are plenty of places to rent bikes and wetsuits which are usually the most expensive pieces. Despite the expense of some of the essentials I have found that the race entry is the same price if not cheaper than a running race which to me is 3 for the price of 1!
Now the great thing about triathlon is that you are constantly cross training which should reduce the likeliness of an injury. Even if your sport is running marathons, cross training is important to ensure you’re using all those muscles in your legs, strengthening that core and taking part in low impact training too. However I do understand that taking part in 3 events plus the strength training and perhaps adding in a session of yoga seems daunting. It is very important to have a family/lifestyle/work life balance.
The diversity of the sport though is the reason I love it, I can take each race and split it into 3 parts (4 when we include  the transition). It makes it feel far more achievable, it’s exciting and it doesn’t become boring!
Now I am going to leave it there for now but I have future posts to come which include the triathlon checklist, training plans, how to keep motivated especially in the winter (yes I am in the UK) and many more….
Thank you for reading this post! #justtri

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